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What Are CCTV Security Camera Systems 

Let’s face it – the reports of burglary, theft and home invasions are breaking records over the past decade. In an era where almost every home and business owner is concerned about their properties and belongings, the best way to put an end to these worries is to invest in a proper CCTV security system.

Speaking of which…

Nowadays, security cameras are mainly used for two purposes: investigation and deterrence.

Therefore, the images that you collect with your security cameras will be mostly used to review a crime or accident so that you understand what really happened. However, they also have a deterrent value since the people who know that they are watched are usually on their best behavior.

What Are CCTV Security Camera Systems And What Type Of Protection They Offer?

Basically, CCTV stands for “closed circuit television” which refers to a television system that is meant for private use – and not for public broadcast. CCTV is used for many purposes – from monitoring nannies and caregivers to keeping an eye on your employees and monitoring their daily operations. These systems can also be used to observe properties and belongings.

The truth is, using a CCTV system can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime. It can also protect your child, your loved one, your home or your entire business – all by allowing you to see what is going on. Thanks to the advanced technology, there are even cameras with night capabilities, wireless cameras, units triggered by clock, smoke and many other functionalities.

Below, we are listing the ten best ways to protect your home or business with a CCTV security system.

1.Monitor Your Rooms

Whether it’s a room in your home or a stock room in your retail property, CCTV makes overseeing the supply closet in the office a lot easier. You can monitor comings, goings and product removal and therefore cut down on your losses. Thanks to video surveillance, you can also see how your business’ belongings are used by the employees.

2.Keep an Eye On Back Alleys/Rear Entrances

According to statistics, most of the cases including theft or burglary happen from back alleys and rear entrances. However, with a decent CCTV security system, you can prevent that and record any attempt of forced entry. Plus, this will let your employees make sure that the area is safe before taking a delivery, taking out trash or stepping out on break.

3.Increase The Safety On Your Parking Area

It doesn’t matter if it’s your corporate fleet or your personal vehicle. The truth is, vehicles are also subject to theft and burglary. Thanks to CCTV security systems, however, they can greatly curb the vandalism and break-ins and increase everyone’s personal safety.

4.Monitor Your Nanny/Your Cash-Handling And POS Transactions

While homeowners can monitor their nannies and caregivers through a CCTV security camera system, business owners can see how their cashiers and employees are working – whether they are giving too many free drinks, giving unauthorized discounts or breaking the rules.

5.Preventing Robberies And Catching Criminals

Homes and businesses equipped with video security systems are far less attractive to thieves than ones that don’t use surveillance. The truth is, it is easier and safer to commit a crime when you have a little risk of being seen or caught. This is why surveillance cameras are a very effective deterrent to break-ins and other illegal activity. Still, they are not always a foolproof safety measure. The good news, however, is that video surveillance proves as very helpful in catching thieves.

6.Screen Who Your Buzz Through A Locked Front Door

If your home is full of precious belongings, sometimes even the simplest door seller can ‘scan’ them and work up a plan to get close to them. This is why homes should have CCTV security camera systems – and keep their doors open only to people they know.

Similarly, businesses selling jewelry, coins and antiques who deal with rare and valuable merchandise should operate by an appointment-only basis and have their doors locked for most people, protected by CCTV surveillance systems.

7.Making Sure That Everything Is Alright

Sometimes, all we need is comfort. Whether it’s a vacation, a night out of town or just a moment where we feel a bit worried – a simple click of the button can ensure you that everything is right with your home or business – at any time of the day or night.

Ready To Install A CCTV Security Surveillance System In Your Home/Business?

If you are confident that a CCTV security system is the right answer for your needs, you are on the right page.

At AZ CCTV, we pride ourselves on selling and installing surveillance systems for commercial and residential clients. All of our systems are of high-end quality and hardwired, which means that you can remotely view them on any smart device. As a proof of quality, we give a 3 years manufacturer’s warranty on every CCTV installation.

Whether you are away for a moment, home for the night or out of town on vacation, the AZ CCTV security systems give you peace of mind – and your business the protection that it truly deserves.

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