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6 Reasons To Use Access Control Systems For Institutional Security

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6 Reasons To Use Access Control Systems For Institutional Security

We all know the meaning of the word access – which is basically providing authorization to the user for any of the tasks involved. Nowadays, understanding the concept of access control systems is quite similar.

In other words, access control systems are providing institutions, businesses and organizations an authorization for managing and handling high levels of security for shorter and longer periods of time. In a world that is changing day by day, these systems are saving time, money and decreasing the amount of paperwork involved.

6 Reasons to Use Access Control Systems Nowadays (And Their Benefits)

In many ways, access control systems are the most powerful systems for monitoring even the smallest of the systems in the large buildings, organizations as well as institutions. They increase the safety and reliability. With their use, the critical tasks can be monitored and handled in an efficient way.

So, the reasons why a business should use access control systems are obvious and often represented by the following:

  • No more lost keys – Making new keys for every employee can be quite costly, especially when an employee quits or a new one enters the company. Access control systems here remove the need of something physical and stick to a plastic card which links them to and out of the system.
  • Know your guests – A lot of businesses have property with big street value. From laboratories to doctor offices, clinics, pharmacies and other organizations with products on hand, many businesses are at risk of having their property stolen every day. An access control system keeps track of who is coming and going and logs every entry and exit of each individual.
  • No undetected activity – If your business is large and counting many employees, it is quite difficult to know who is an employee and who isn’t. An access control system helps prevent strangers from slipping in or doing any illegal activities.
  • Securing sensitive information – Every business nowadays holds trade secrets and sensitive information and needs to make sure that only employees with the right clearance level have access to the area where it is held. An access control system here allows businesses to limit the access to certain areas.
  • Reducing theft/accidents – An access control system allows businesses to give only approved and specially trained employees access to designated areas. Whether a business wants to limit who has access to a supply room or track the supplies in a better way, a system like this can reduce the likelihood of thefts and accidents.
  • Increasing safety – Nowadays, swiping a card is much more efficient than fumbling around a key. Plus, keys are easily duplicated and access cards aren’t – which is how access control systems increase the safety of everyone entering a business.

As you can see from the above mentioned benefits, these systems increase the control and safety in every property.

The Most Common And Popular Access Control Systems

Below, we are listing the benefits of Access Control Systems – whether they are used in a institution, organization or business.

#1 – Keyless Entry Swipe Cards

This form of access control systems is among the most efficient ones out there. The cards bear magnetic strips which contain information about each cardholder. Whenever a card reader scans the stripe located on the card, it allows or denies entry accordingly. These cards are inexpensive and can be controlled with unique IDs for tracking entrances and exits.

#2 – Keypad Systems

If you ever used a code to obtain entry into a building, that is a perfect example of how keypad systems work. Often coming with electronic keypads, they can be reprogrammed in the event that a code needs to be changed. There is also the possibility of giving unique codes to each user to track entries.

#3 – Proximity “Smart” Cards

These are very similar to swipe cards. The only difference is the proximity of an user. For example, the user’s information here is stored in a microchip (and not a magnetic stripe) which is more secure and less prone to damage than the magnetic and keyless entry cards.

#4 – Biometric Scanners

Fingerprint and eye scanners are the most sophisticated form of biometric scanners – and a form of access control systems that uses some biological information as an input. This kind of access is more secure than swipe cards and limits the entrances and exits to each specific individual.

So, Why Use Access Control Systems?

The best way to see the value from Access Control Systems is by seeing their (low) cost and the real value they represent.

Nowadays, systems like these can replace security guards and result in easier lock changing. They can also maintain both public and “employees only” areas simultaneously and record entries and exits in a seamless way.

When used in sensitive areas, Access Control Systems allow the users to set various levels of security access. At the end of the day, these systems increase safety and ensure employee honesty.

Relatively simple to monitor and maintain, systems like these are difficult to tamper with and override (if installed properly). If you are interested in an Access Control System for your business, contact us and get your questions answered today!

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