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    Network Wiring

    CAT5E CAT6 & Fiber Optic Network Cabling Contractor in Phoenix

    AZ-CCTV specializes in the design, installation and service of structured wire cabling systems that support multi-product, multi-vendor tele-communications networks. At AZ-CCTV, we understand the dynamic nature of modern technology and how it impacts your business. We’ll meet with you to assess your company’s current and future networking requirements, educate you on the latest structured wire cabling technologies, explain your options and design a high-quality, cost-effective cable system that works for you.

    If you are looking for a cabling contractor to provide network cabling for your suite or building, then give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you. Rest assured that our cable installers and technicians are experts when it comes to installing data cabling; the job will be done on-time and great results are guaranteed… not to mention that our prices are kind of something to boast about. So what are you waiting for? The call won’t cost you in anything besides a few minutes of your time.

    Call one of our professionals to talk about your options and discuss your needs. Call us at (602) 900-1223 

    Data / Voice Network design, installation, support services:

    • ISP relations/ Integration
    • Demark Extensions
    • Router installation / configuration / support
    • Firewall Installation / configuration / Support
    • Switch / SmartSwitch[managed switch] Installation / support
    • Setup of Data closets / rooms
    • Setup of patch panels for voice / data
    • Setup of 66/110 Punchdown blocks for data / voice
    • Stuctured cable systems – design / installation
    • Cat 5 / Cat 5e / Cat 6 data cable performance & integrity certifications
    • Wifi router installation / configuration / optimization / support
    • wifi access point installation / configuration / support
    • wifi access point mesh system installation / configuration / support
    • wifi adapter / device installation / configuration / support

    VPN – setup / support

    • VOIP provider relations / integration
    • Digium Switchvox VOIP PBX Installation / Configuration / Support
    • Asterisk / FreePBX VOIP PBX Installation / Configuration / Support
    • Cisco VOIP Phone Installation / Configuration / Support
    • Polycom VOIP Phone Installation / Configuration / Support
    • POS – Point of sale systems- sales / install/ support

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