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What are the things you should keep in mind while installing CCTV

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What are the things you should keep in mind while installing CCTV

Installing Security cameras (CCTV) are among the best inventions of technology. It has made monitoring the premise much more manageable with promising results.

With increasing crimes and other anti-social activities in the cities, the installation of CCTV is mandatory.

Just by installing CCTV cameras, your premise does not get safe. Instead, you must consider a few essential aspects while installing closed-circuitry television cameras. This will ensure that modern security cameras are efficiently working for you.

Making mistakes during surveillance system installation may result in poor coverage, impaired functioning, and non-optimized storage. This will eventually result in unsatisfactory results for modern security cameras.

Therefore, let us discuss a few crucial points you should consider while installing a CCTV camera in your home or office.

Camera capabilities and specifications

Before installing CCTV cameras, you must discuss all the specifications and features of the service providers. It includes:

Camera type:

There are three broad classifications of security cameras- entry-level analog, High Definition (HD), and Internet Protocol (IP). You can choose the suitable one according to your current and future safety requirements.


It would be best to discover which areas are more vulnerable and have to be covered under surveillance. Also, if you hire professionals for the installation, they will guide you to figure out the best locations to mount cameras and get maximum coverage.

Location of cameras

It is advisable not to forget those specific areas that are more vulnerable. For this, you may use different cameras at different locations because the camera you use indoors will not work well with the outdoor locations.

Both indoor and outdoor coverage is equally important. Do not ignore any of them. Usually, burglars have an idea of how to conceal themselves from outdoor cameras. But you can save your valuables from big trouble using the indoor camera.


It is vital to figure out the technical aspects of your surveillance system. This includes factors such as:

Ensure that your cameras can record HD video with better resolution

Check the storage specifications of the camera. Some cameras come with recording and storage hardware, while others offer cloud storage.

Also, set the duration for how long you want to store any recorded video.

Opting for storage that offers remote access to monitor the CCTV camera even when you are far from the location is advisable.


Different systems have additional features such as ANP night vision, auto tracking, and motion detection.

You must pursue the suitable one depending upon the purpose you need to be fulfilled by the security cameras.

Quality & Output Resolution

Lens size and sensor

Night vision


Other essential decision-making considerations include:


Your budget should be significant for installing a security camera on your premises. Always select a CCTV camera that fits your budget and can fulfill your purposes effectively.

If you have a low budget, it is recommended to go for entry-level cameras so that you may install more cameras later as suitable to your pocket.

Also, it is advisable not to choose cheaper alternatives as by doing so, you can leave your safety on the verge of risk.


As per the law, it is mandatory to let people know they are being recorded. For this, you might have noticed sign boards that ‘you are under CCTV surveillance. You can also verbally inform your workers or visitors about the same for the home.

Also, installing security cameras in private areas like bathrooms is absolutely illegal.


While installing CCTV, you need to get official permission from the respective authorities depending on the place of installation.

In some cases, residential colonies require you to provide preliminary information about the installation to the local civic society or other authorized people.

If your camera covers some portion of your neighbor’s space, they must be informed about it. If they are not comfortable with it, do change the angle of the installed camera.


Always go with the brand that can offer you more warranty and can provide you will a self-installation and maintenance guide. You may not get all these facilities from unknown brands or local companies.


After knowing so many critical aspects to consider before installing CCTV cameras, are you finding it difficult to conclude the best option for you? Also, are you worried about how the installation process will go smoothly?

Hiring a team of professional CCTV installers can make the process smoother and relieve stress.

As one of Arizona’s best CCTV camera installers, AZ CCTV not only intends to have the best design but also offers reliable installation and maintenance services.

We strive to align our top-notch services with your objectives behind the installation. This lets our clients take a hive of relief by hiring the topmost installation service providers in Arizona. Also, our professionals are well trained and have valuable experience in this domain to provide you with the most convenient services.

As you are cautious about your security, AZ CCTV is cautious about your satisfaction.

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