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The History of CCTV – An Overall View!

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The History of CCTV – An Overall View!

The majority of the people often face confusion while selecting a CCTV or Closed Circuit Television. The reason behind that is you will find a huge variety of options in terms of brands, prices, quality, and types. Along with that, you won’t find any sort of standardization in this range, making it difficult for the buyers to purchase by comparing the different products. You need to get in touch with a reliable source that not only offers you quality products but also helps with the CCTV installation. CCTV cameras are often taken for granted, but if you go through the historical aspects of the same, you might get an idea of their importance.

Motive Behind the Invention of CCTV Technology!

It is hard to believe, but Walter Bruch invented this technology with the purpose of monitoring the weapons, not the people. Initially, the technology was not so updated that it can record the incident. It just gives you the live monitoring of aspects. Later on, the recordings of the same were introduced. Surprisingly, the very first use of CCTV was to observe the rocket launches done by the German military. 

Within no time, the government of the United States picked up this idea, and the use of Surveillance cameras started, which enables scientists to observe nuclear bomb testing from a comfortable distance. By the year 1949, an American government contractor started selling this technology for commercial use also, which is the reason you are using CCTV cameras at your home, workplace, etc.

A Step higher – In the world of CCTV!

With the passage of time, primitive reel-to-reel recording systems came into existence where you preserve the recorded data using magnetic tapes. But there is a drawback linked to the same as you had to swap the tapes manually, which is kind of a hectic task and was also costly. 

The session of the 1970s was counted as one of the major periods for the development in the world of CCTV when video cassette recordings (VCRs) were introduced. This technology captured the market like fire as VCRs were widely available and can be easily incorporated into surveillance systems. This was a brand new addition in terms of the usage of cameras.

Now people don’t need to keep their eye on the screen as they can watch the recordings later. The whole system runs itself. This feature made CCTV cameras a star overnight, and a number of business enterprises were interested to invest in the same. But one can’t ignore the fact that this technology still needs more advancements as the procedure of changing the tapes on a regular basis was a mess. You need to keep a library of tapes, in case you want to record a specific event for several hours.

Introduction of Multiplexing:

It was during the 1990s when a significant development in CCTV was witnessed. Yes, it was the time when the feature of multiplexing solutions came to light. To understand this concept in simple terms, now people can collaborate the video signals from several CCTV cameras and display them on a single screen that you witness today in malls, banks, and other places. This eliminates half of the headache while working with the CCTV.

Now CCTV becomes a common name among people worldwide as it is used widely in every sort of life. As time flew, VCRs were replaced by digital video recorders (DVRs). These additions make CCTV more efficient and user-friendly. There can be seen an improvement in the installation and operation process also. There is no need for videotapes now as you can easily use digital systems to get the required information of a specific day and time.

Whether you need a CCTV camera to maintain security in your home or regulate the working of the employees at your workplace, it can be the ideal pick for residential and commercial purposes. Make sure the CCTV camera you pick is of high quality and has a proper design and technology. These features affect the functionality of the cameras. Obviously, you don’t want to fix an expensive camera from an XYZ dealer, and it is not recording properly. Invest some of your time in getting in touch with the leading platform dealing in CCTV cameras and also offers you CCTV installation and maintenance services.


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