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Smart Business Surveillance Paired with Live Remote Agents

Elevate your business’s security with our cutting-edge Smart Business Surveillance System, designed to offer unmatched safety through high-tech cameras and vigilant live remote agents. This robust system is tailored to provide comprehensive monitoring and quick response without the need for on-site personnel. Here’s what our system offers:

Secure Your Business: Prevent, Detect, and Defend Against Vandalism

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Our AI threat detection utilizes advanced algorithms to identify potential security threats in real-time, enabling proactive measures to mitigate risks before they escalate.

Live remote agents are trained professionals who monitor security feeds 24/7, provide incident intervention, and can notify authorities if necessary, ensuring constant vigilance.

The system is designed for instant response, with the capability to alert agents and initiate protocols within moments of threat detection to prevent incidents.

Two-way audio allows agents to communicate directly with the site to deter potential intruders, provide instructions, or verify the identity of individuals, enhancing onsite security remotely.

Yes, our system offers both wireless and PoE options to accommodate various installation needs and ensure continuous operation without extensive wiring.

The Local Smart Hub is the control center that connects and manages all the components of the surveillance system, ensuring seamless integration and reliable performance.

The mobile app offers remote access to live feeds, system settings, and notifications, allowing for management of your security system from anywhere at any time.

LiveSentinel Guards are specialized security personnel who monitor the system, ready to respond to alarms, assess situations, and contact emergency services if required.

The system includes several layers of deterrents such as sirens, strobe lights, and automated voice warnings to prevent criminal activity before it starts.

Yes, our system is designed to integrate seamlessly with many third-party camera systems, allowing you to upgrade your existing setup with our advanced surveillance features.

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