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Installing Outdoor CCTV Camera? What do You Need?

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Installing Outdoor CCTV Camera? What do You Need?

Outdoor CCTV camera is an important part of any security system. They can help you keep an eye on your property.

Outdoor cameras are typically more expensive than indoor ones, but they also offer better viewing angles, weatherproofing and night vision capabilities.

Here’s the list of tools and instructions when it comes to installing outdoor CCTV:

IP Camera

The first one is IP camera, which is a small device that can be installed on a wall or pole and connected to your router’s Ethernet port.

IP Camera is a digital video camera that sends its video and audio streams over an IP network. An IP Camera is also known as a webcam, and it can be used to monitor your home or business remotely.

It has its own built-in transmitter and receiver, so it doesn’t need any extra equipment for transmission and reception like some other types of outdoor cameras do.

The most important thing when choosing an IP camera is its resolution: more pixels mean better quality image resolution with less blurriness when viewing from far away; however, this also means higher costs (more expensive).

You should look at the maximum distance you want your images captured at before deciding whether or not this feature will benefit your project greatly enough so as not warrant spending more money than necessary on them.”

IP Cameras are easy to install, but you need to follow some guidelines before installing one in your house.

Use the same type of cable for both ends of the connection (the camera and its power source). If you use different cables for each device, there could be problems with signal loss or poor performance due to interference from other devices connected near them on the same network.


One of the most common uses for CCTV camera is to record footage from multiple cameras at once and store it on a DVR (digital video recorder). The DVR allows you to view all of your recorded footage at once instead of having to search through hours upon hours’ worth of footage for just one event.

CCTV Cable – Power or Siamese Cable

Power cable and Siamese cable are the most commonly used cables to connect the camera to your power supply.

Power Cable:

This is normally a black, coiled wire which can be up to 2m long and has a male connector on one end that fits into a female socket at another location. It can only be used with other similar devices that have their own power supplies such as lights or gates. A power supply will allow you to plug in your CCTV camera directly into it without having any other cables connected between them.

Siamese Cable:

A Siamese cable allows multiple cameras with different types of connectors on each end (for example, some may have 4 pin plugs while others might only use two pins). It’s also known as two-in-one cable since it combines both the features of both types into one piece; so if you want something like this then look no further than our selection below!

Connecting Accessories

You need to install outdoor CCTV camera in order to record your surroundings and prevent theft. But before you do so, it is important that you connect the equipment properly.

There are different types of cables used for connecting CCTV cameras:

  • Power supply cable (V-Mount 19-32V DC)
  • Video signal cable (HDMI/SDI/SDI HD / Analog 3G-SDI / Analog SDT)
  • Power cable (12V DC/24V DC)

Hard Drive

Hard drive is a storage device that holds the recorded video. It’s similar to the hard disk in a computer, but larger and more powerful. The capacity of a hard drive is measured in gigabytes (GB) or terabytes (TB).

Hard drives come in different sizes, speeds and interfaces: 3.5 inch drives have an interface of SATA or 6Gb/s; 2.5 inch drives also have an interface of SATA or 6Gb/s


So, you now know what equipment you need to install outdoor CCTV camera. To conclude, it is important that you choose a good brand that has reliable products and services and can help you achieve your goals.

However, not all people have technical know-how to install the CCTV camera. If you are one of them, then make sure to call a professional CCTV installer company such as AZ-CCTV. We are a specialist in CCTV camera installation services in Phoenix and are backed by experienced technicians and more than 10 years’ experience. Get in touch now!



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