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How to Choose the Best IP CCTV Setup?

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How to Choose the Best IP CCTV Setup?

When it comes to security, keeping your personal information safe and secure is not only important but also ensuring security at home is another must-follow practice as this will help you stay updated with the person who is entering your place. This will help you keep your family and workers safe from any theft or burglary. Therefore, IP cameras or CCTV setup are essential to keep up with the home or office’s security.

But how to select the right CCTV camera installation? Before we move ahead to that, let us first know what an IP camera is.

What is an IP camera?

An IP camera is a digitally controlled device working on network transmission. The camera, along with a BNC (ordinary composite video signal output interface), has a network output interface that connects directly to the local area network.

This CCTV setup can be used for video transmissions and security preventions in coal mine production, TV conferences, test sites, residential quarters, and other occasions. However, as people generally prefer analog cameras, they are quite prejudiced against these IP network cameras. In order to completely understand this new CCTV setup, one needs to make a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the basic advantages, principles, and disadvantages of the camera.

In general, a typical IP network camera supports the IP protocol, including a lens, an embedded image sensor, a filter, an image digitizer, a server, and an image compressor that works only with network connectivity.

Now, as we know what an IP camera is, it is time to understand how to choose the best IP camera for your needs.

Tips for Choosing the Best IP Camera Setup

  • Clarity Test

Checking the definition level of a high definition camera is relatively easy using the ordinary video image sharpness test cards. This method is used to differentiate between the image sharpness through the eyes directly. In general, the high definition 720P cameras test card index can clearly distinguish between a DTV line larger than 800TVL and the low high definition camera with a low index and image with jitters for burns.

  • Dynamic Range Test

A dynamic range test is essential for CCTV camera installation setup to access high definition images’ grayscale data. This is commonly done using a video image grayscale test card.

  • Signal to Noise Ratio

Checking the same picture’s noise suppression is an essential indicator to measure an HD CCTV setup’s performance. In the case of bright processing of the black blocks in the picture, noise suppression directly determines the image quality. Moreover, you can find numerous low-end cameras that only present a clear picture under a specific state of more than 100 Lux. The ability of such cameras to adapt to the various changes in the light environment is relatively poor. Also, there are no proper means to measure noise suppression in strong or low light environments. Also, the image quality is not guaranteed. Therefore in such cases, using a high definition CCTV setup is meaningless and can be called pseudo-HD.

  • Colour Reproduction

You can use the color test card or your eyes to check your high definition video image’s color reproduction. Generally, the resolution of a quality HD IP CCTV setup is very high, achieving a realistic feel.

  • Image Coding Compression Algorithm

Finally, it’s the good and bad encoding and compression algorithm of a IP CCTV setup that directly indicates the cameras’ performance. Generally, the coding and compression processing in high definition cameras is divided into ASIC chips and DSP carriers. Each of them carries their advantages. DSP chips function on one side is flexible with a short development cycle and a low coding efficiency. Also, the cost here is high. While on the other side, an ASIC shape function is relatively fixed along the development cycle and very high coding efficiency. Also, the cost reduces with its large scale use.

No matter the type of carrier you are choosing, a good encoding and compression algorithm is essential. It is a good algorithm that efficiently reduces the code stream quality of videos and the storage space to ensure clarity and image quality. A poor IP high definition camera on the other side produces mosaic or water ripples under large movements that can directly affect the image’s video quality.

Find the Right Security Camera with AZ CCTV & Security

Finding the right CCTV camera installation is tough. Therefore, professional help is recommended to get the best camera installations for your needs. AZ CCTV & Security can be the right choice to get the professional help you need with your camera installations. From guiding you to choose the best IP CCTV cameras to the installation, we are here to help you in every way possible. We provide CCTV setup for both interior and exterior video surveillance using state of the art security systems and expert guidance.

For detailed information about our CCTV setup, you can connect with us.

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