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How Security Systems Can Improve School Security

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How Security Systems Can Improve School Security

Having a security system in your school is a great way to keep your school safe. Using a variety of different security systems can help protect you and your school, whether you’re worried about theft or bullying.

There are a number of different security systems to choose from, including CCTV and intercom systems.

This blog will discuss some ways by which you can ensure improvement in the security of your school.

Video surveillance

Using video surveillance in schools has proven to be very effective. In fact, it’s the number two most common school security approach. It’s used to help keep students and staff safe, as well as to monitor areas of the school that may not be seen by students.

Video surveillance can also be used to observe common gathering areas. These areas include the hallways and common areas of the building.

School security cameras also deter bullying. In fact, researchers found that implementing video surveillance reduced bullying by about 70 percent.

Schools also benefit from video surveillance systems that provide high-definition footage in dim light. The cameras can be directed in certain directions, which helps to identify people who are causing damage or may be trying to hurt others.

Monitor every access point

All access points to the school premises should always be monitored. You can limit who has access to the building by controlling its access. Security cameras are the most popular way to monitor and control all access points.

Security Cameras

Install security cameras at key points of entry to the school, no matter how busy they are. Staff in the admin office should monitor the CCTV footage and keep records for at least for a month

Watch over Interiors

It is essential to keep a watch on the interior of your building by utilizing security techniques such as security cameras. They are an excellent way to keep an eye on what’s happening in the building and assist in keeping all employees and children safe by ensuring.

Security cameras that are located inside areas can be used in the case of an incident involving students, or between students or staff members.

Intercom system

Having an Intercom system for school security can ensure that students, staff and visitors are kept safe. Having an effective system in place can also help maintain quick security response times.

Intercoms have been a staple of security systems for years. They are not only useful for day to day operations, but can also be useful in serious emergencies. They are also a useful addition to security cameras, helping to complement the visual communication capabilities.

With intercoms, one person can relay important information to several people at once. These systems can be installed in classrooms, offices or athletic facilities. They can also be used to contact front office staff and security directors.

Intercoms can be used to notify students about class changes. The system can also be used to broadcast messages to the entire school. For example, a teacher can broadcast a fire drill announcement to all the classrooms.

Door locks

Investing in a school door lock system is important for the safety of students. There are several options available to choose from, and a school security professional can help you make the right decision.

For schools with exterior access points, school safety door locks must be able to open quickly and be able to maintain that openness during emergency situations. They must also be fire code compliant.

Depending on your school’s needs, you can choose between wired or wireless lock sets. Some options also offer real-time emergency alerts. You can also program access controls to allow certain users to enter certain spaces.

Another option is a keypad security lock. These offer one PIN code for all users. They can also be used alongside a key-operated school safety door lock.


Investing in school security fencing is a great way to improve your school’s safety and protect your children. Not only can fencing provide robust physical protection, but it also has aesthetic and social benefits.

A school security fence can act as a demarcation feature, directing visitors to appropriate areas. It can also serve as a pedestrian flow management system.

If your school is located in a residential area, it is in the best interests of its residents to provide a safe environment for its pupils. This can include using fencing to demarcate the school’s perimeter and car park.

Fencing also serves to create a sense of community. Students gain a sense of ownership of the school and are able to establish its boundaries. A well-built fence can also deter vandalism.


With AZ CCTV, you can enhance your school’s security with a range of security systems that offer maximum security. Provide peace of mind to your students, parents, and teachers by ensuring their safety on school premises.

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