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Why Your Dispensary Needs Advanced CCTV

Arizona dispensary CCTV regulations are stringent for a reason. State law mandates high-resolution cameras covering all entrances, exits, point-of-sale areas, and grow rooms. Video footage must be stored for a minimum duration, and systems must include failure notifications. Non-compliance carries serious consequences. Let AZ-CCTV ensure you not only meet standards but exceed them, protecting your license and your business.

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Meet Arizona Compliance

Stay on top of strict security regulations.

Maximum Loss Prevention

Deter theft, protect inventory, and reduce shrinkage.

Safeguard Staff & Customers

Ensure a secure environment for everyone.

Insightful Analytics

Optimize operations with valuable customer behavior data.

Your Dispensary Security Partner

We understand the unique challenges dispensaries face. Our expert team designs, installs, and maintains state-of-the-art CCTV systems tailored to your business. Expect ongoing support, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to your success.

Compliance-Focused Solutions

We'll handle complex regulations, so you can focus on running your dispensary.

Security & Monitoring

Proactive surveillance and rapid alerts minimize risk and deter incidents.

Scalable Systems

Solutions tailored to your dispensary's specific layout and security needs.

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Stay updated

Arizona dispensaries need up-to-the-minute information to stay secure and compliant. Our blog is your source for the latest on CCTV, security strategies, and the tech you need to optimize your business. Stay connected, stay ahead.

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Experience the Benefits of Secure Cannabis Operations

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Ready to Protect Your Dispensary?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Essential Information on Arizona Regulations and Best Practices

What are the specific Arizona CCTV requirements for dispensaries?
  • Cameras must cover entrances, exits, sales areas, storage rooms, and cultivation areas (if applicable).
  • Minimum resolution standards apply.
  • Footage must be stored securely for a minimum of 45 days.
  • Systems must include failure notification features.

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AZ CCTV & Security

AZ CCTV is a family owned business serving the entire area of Arizona with great services and top notch equipment. We are proud to provide excelent security services since 2006.
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