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Introducing The Next Generation of Security

Security Camera Monitoring with Live Professional Guards

Preventing Crime with Live Camera Surveillance

Stop crime in its tracks with smart camera surveillance. Deep Sentinel arms properties with a video surveillance system backed by AI and live professional guards.

Deep Sentinel’s home security cameras and business security cameras protect your property from crimes of all kinds.

home intrusion
auto tampering
package theft

Real Crimes Stops, Caught with Security Camera Monitoring

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Video verification:

No false alarms


2-way audio verification:

Confirmed address


Audio & Siren Intervention:

90% of criminals stop in their tracks

How it Works


Cameras Detect

Security cameras stream instantly to local AI that detects potential threats—the fastest detection solution of all security camera monitoring services.



Live Security Guards Engage

Through security camera monitoring, guards watch
every time a person steps foot on your property.
If necessary, the guards intervene directly
using the camera’s 2-way audio or built-in siren.



Instant Response

Remote security guards engage with suspects and contact police within seconds. Deep Sentinel boasts the fastest response times of any security camera company—with no false alarms.

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About us

Located in the Phoenix-metro area, AZ-CCTV is your go-to destination for top-notch Security Camera Systems. As the pace of life accelerates and families juggle multiple responsibilities, ensuring the safety of one’s home becomes all the more crucial. Understanding the profound unease that can accompany leaving your property unguarded, we at AZ-CCTV offer robust solutions for peace of mind. With our expertly designed security camera systems, households in Phoenix and the surrounding regions can confidently safeguard their most valued possessions. Trust in our expertise to secure what’s most precious to you.

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We are proudly serving Phoenix, AZ &
it surrounding areas for 15+ years.

AZ CCTV & Security

AZ CCTV is a family owned business serving the entire area of Arizona with great services and top notch equipment. We are proud to provide excelent security services since 2006.
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