It has become a very frequent and commonly asked question that ‘can CCTV cameras work without the internet?’ CCTV that is also known as closed-circuit television is liable for setting up private monitoring. You can find such cameras everywhere from residential to commercial spaces – be it on buildings, office premises, local streets, and more. 

There’s a myth that CCTV cameras don’t work without the internet but the truth is that many cameras are liable for recording only which requires no internet at all. So the answer to the question is “Yes”. You will only find the need for the internet if you require access to space remotely. However, there are many drawbacks too of not operating the CCTV camera with the internet.     

Advantages Offered By CCTV Without Internet

Many CCTV owners prefer monitoring their property without any internet due to less risk of hacking. Although you will be lacking in various features, there are distinct advantages that you will still be able to avail of. It includes:

i) Every camera footage is saved on SD card

ii) 24/7 live monitoring is offered if the camera is attached with a monitor

iii) Availability of cellular battery allows operating of CCTV cameras without electricity too

CCTV Installation Without The Internet

Learning the proper procedure of CCTV installation will allow you to record the footage without any need for the internet. The process includes the given steps below.

i) Charge your laptop as well as your camera.

ii) Connect the camera to your PC with a network cable. But ensure the cable is secure and function properly with your camera and PC.

iii) Find the camera address on your PC connected to the PC’s menu.

iv) The final step comes to changing the IP address of PC to the same of your CCTV camera.

Benefits Of CCTV Cameras

Relying on professionals for the installation of CCTV cameras is always a better choice. Benefits of CCTV installation includes:

i) Such cameras are deterrent to mishaps.

ii) Homeowners and business owners can monitor the happenings in their property. 

iii) CCTV technology is capable of collecting evidence, camera footage to solve any criminal cases. 

Now that as you know CCTV cameras can work seamlessly without the internet, you need to find the right models and brands of CCTV cameras. However, you can find professional camera technologies, CCTV installation services by hiring our pros at AZ CCTV further offering peace of mind.