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Best Positions to Install Security Cameras in your Home

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Best Positions to Install Security Cameras

Positions to Install Security Cameras in your Home

Security cameras can stop break-ins and keep your family safe and secure from burglars and vandals. Whatever security cameras you choose, it is essential that its effectiveness should be influenced by the place where you put it. Knowing where to put the security camera in your home is extremely important; you can only catch criminals and thieves when your camera is put in the right location. 

One of the biggest mistakes which a lot of people make is the poor positioning of the cameras. A house that displays a CCTV installation is less attractive to active burglars. 

Things you should consider before placing a camera for your home security

Before you start placing a security camera installation for your home security, you should consider the following questions –

  • Where do you actually need the security cameras?
  • What are the most valuable spots of your property?
  • Do you have any entrance obscured, for instance, windows, doors which can be appealing to thieves? 
  • Where was the break-in?
  • What type of security camera placement do you need?

Such questions act as home security placement guidelines and help determine the best location for the CCTV installation in your house. 

Best location and position to place Security camera –

Security camera position plays an important role in offering adequate surveillance. The following are some of the most recommended spots for the placement of the security camera installation according to the statistics of the house 

  • Front door

Around 30% of thieves enter from the front door. Therefore, you specifically need a security camera watching there. The front door is one of the most important CCTV placements outside the house. To avoid the knocking of the camera by the burglar, you should consider placing your camera on the second floor. If you only have one level, you can enclose your front door camera in a mesh wiring so that it can prevent it from tampering. 

  • Back door

Around 25% of thieves enter through the back door of your house. Therefore, you should use a camera there, and this also includes the side doors as well. In the case of intrusion, you should attract the CCTV to every door. It is important to keep it out of the reach of humans. Buglers know that most of the home’s back doors are not as secure as the front door; the back door is the second most popular entry point for thieves. Whatever camera systems you choose, make sure it is weatherproof and can resist all types of outdoor conditions. 

  • Off-street window

Near 20% of thieves get into a house by entering through the window away from the street, as there is a decrease in the chance of getting caught as it is away from any car passing by. Therefore, you can point a camera to an off-street window so that you can keep those windows safe from burglars and thieves. 

  • Driveways and garage

A camera pointed towards your driveway and garage will help you keep an eye on your vehicles, tools, sports equipment, and everyone who handles them. If your garage is far or detached from your house, then a camera helps you stay connected. If your garage is attached, then an extra layer of security monitors the entryway in your house. 

  • Common area

Placing a camera in your common areas like the living room or kitchen is a great way to see what the kids are doing, is the babysitter is attentive, or to keep an eye on the household help like repairman or cleaners. With these cameras, you can see anyone who is tampering with your property. 


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