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Get Solar AI Camera Trailer including all hardware, software and unlimited data for $1,500 as a Monthly Rental.

Unleash the Desert's Brilliance: Solar-Powered Security Redefined.

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Reliable, off-grid surveillance for construction sites, parking lots, and more.

The Arizona sun isn’t just for powering your home – it’s the perfect energy source for your security needs. AZ-CCTV offers state-of-the-art solar-powered camera rentals, designed to keep your sites safe, no matter how remote or sun-drenched they are.

Why Choose Solar Cameras in Arizona?

Solar-Powered Security

Arizona sun powers surveillance, ditch costly electric.

24/7 Monitoring

Solar cameras store energy for constant monitoring, even off-grid.

Save with Solar

Rent solar cameras, avoid upfront costs and electricity bills.

Green Security

Protect assets and reduce your carbon footprint with solar power.

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Secure your site with the power of the Arizona sun. Contact AZ-CCTV today for a free quote and experience the peace of mind that comes with uninterrupted, solar-powered surveillance.

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We are proudly serving Phoenix, AZ &
it surrounding areas for 15+ years.

AZ CCTV & Security

AZ CCTV is a family owned business serving the entire area of Arizona with great services and top notch equipment. We are proud to provide excelent security services since 2006.
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