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How Does Amazon Key For Business Work?

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How Does Amazon Key For Business Work?

Amazon has been promoting Key for Business, a device that permits delivery drivers to walk into buildings without being buzzed.

Sales representatives have been fanned nationwide by calling on doors, cold calling, and even talking to building managers in the street to convince them to install the device.

How does it work

Amazon Key for business is an intelligent fob that permits delivery couriers to access your business to deliver your packages without the assistance of any of the people within.

It can be used with your current electronic access control system and the Amazon delivery application.

If an Amazon driver’s application directs them to your premises, they’ll transmit an alert to the access control system in your building to allow access.

They’ll be able to enter your property, take their packages to the door, and keep track of their delivery on your secured Amazon cloud.

It’s designed to decrease the loss of packages, a major issue for several towns and cities.

The company claims that it saves time, allowing drivers to deliver their packages faster and cutting down on delivery delays.

Amazon is active in promoting its service by distributing advertisements in cities across the country to approach doors, call cold, or contact building managers.

Amazon has also collaborated with local locksmiths to promote the service to their customers.

Automated access is available to Amazon Drivers

Amazon Key for Business integrates with access control systems and permits Amazon delivery drivers to access using the Amazon delivery application.

When they reach the building, drivers can unlock the door using the app and put the packages inside.

Single-Entry, Time-Bound Access

It is granted only during the specified time and is only valid for one time. The driver must verify that the door is locked after they have left.

Amazon Key App additionally allows staff or residents to unlock the door using the app for deliveries outside of Amazon or any other guests.

Residents can use their access controls in the usual way.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Amazon Key for Business comes with solid security, so only authorized users can access the building.

Multi-factor authentication confirms the driver’s identification, route, GPS location, and request time before granting access.

Entry Notification and video

Amazon Cloud Cam can view videos that last 15 seconds live and cloud-recorded recording driver’s entries through the Amazon Key App.

Building managers also receive notifications for every delivery; they can deactivate or permit driver access at any point.

Access Control Systems Compatible

Amazon Key For Business is compatible with all kinds and models of security systems for electronic access and smart locks.

It is used in many properties across America, including apartments that Kettler owns, Avalon, Winn Companies, and other real estate firms.

Security checks

When Amazon drivers visit an establishment, they use their Key App on their phone to open a gate or door that leads to the premises.

After entering, the driver completes delivery and drops the packages at a designated place like an office or room for package delivery.

Security checks are carried out before making couriers able to enter the building.

This ensures they’re authentic and who they claim to be and have the right credentials to transport their parcels.

Amazon Key system that could allow hackers to gain access to the property of a customer.

In an example of the issue, Rhino demonstrated that it’s possible to hack into an Amazon Key device by disconnecting the router’s camera from the device.

Access for temporary periods

Amazon has developed a new system known as Key for Business to simplify delivery processes and make their employees faster.

It permits building management to allow the delivery driver access in a controlled way.

If a driver is at the building, they can use the Key for Business app on their smartphone to request access for a short period to the building.

The app checks the driver’s identification, routing, GPS coordinates, and request time before giving access.

Also, Amazon Key for Business needs to be equipped with a notification system to notify building residents when their doors are opened, or they’ve received a parcel.


Amazon Key for Business Amazon Key for Business is created to alleviate the burden of commercial and residential structures, such as high-rises, and community gates, that can receive a significant amount of Amazon deliveries.

The smart fob device, installation, and maintenance are entirely cost-free if you own a building with at least 10 units that are receiving Amazon packages.

Amazon Cloud Amazon Cloud validates the driver’s credentials by using their ID number, route, GPS location, and request time before they can gain access.

This ensures that only authorized people can access your property and helps ensure that your packages are safe.


Hope you got to know how amazon key works for business.

To improve amazon packages delivery, AZ CCTV has partnered with Amazon.

We strive to save your time and efforts while receiving packages from Amazon.

Contact AZ CCTV to get an amazon key for your business.

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